Learn how to ensure your business survives a disaster

A successful organisation manages its risks and prepares for the unexpected ...
Our invaluable resource provides self-training courses and MS OFFICE format templates for you to prepare your own Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and ensure your business survives in the event of an emergency.

Learn how to build your own business continuity plans with RAPID CONTINUITY  self-training courses and library of template documents. Teach yourself to build robust contingency/business continuity plans to keep yourself in business and your customers and insurers happy when the UNEXPECTED happens and DISASTER strikes.

We explain the principals of BCP.
You understand what is needed.
You can then  create your own BCP for your organisation, efficiently, effectively.

Just a snapshot of some of the material for you to purchase and download

BCP course, a self training, interactive e-book:-
94 including VAT 
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Template documents for Business Continuity Planning:-
60 including VAT 
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What you get

We provide a series of self-training ebooks to learn the fundamentals of Business Continuity Management and using it in your organisation...learn more


APP and ebooks

Here you will find about our ebooks and APP, available from Apple & Android marketplaces, what you get, what it costs & why it is invaluable to every business. ...learn more



Use our range of MS Office template documents to create your own Business Continuity Plan, tailored to the needs of your business. ...learn more

  • Learn what is involved in creating a robust Business Continuity Plan for your organisation, built from templates provided in easy to use MS Office format
  • Rapid Continuity is about helping businesses plan for, and project manage their way through, challenging events, emergencies and disasters...learn more
  • The results of our years of experience in dealing with risk and business continuity have been crystallised into a set of documents, templates and plans contained in this web-site.
  • For a modest price you can obtain that package of documents that should help you to plan and deal with some of the major risks that your business may face.

Our Apple and Android APP will allow you to download and work through about 20 to 30 hours of self-training guides to BCP learn more  or Purchase and Download the courses here and now

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BCP course - a Self training e-book:- 94 including VAT  learn more...
Set of template documents for BCP:- 60 including VAT  learn more...

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